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Posted by Caravane Hub. on 09/16/2016

How to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Location?

How to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Location?

Setting the location of your Wedding is probably one of  the most important aspects of Wedding Planning, it will pretty much determine EVERYTHING following this 1 Important Decision. 

In Order to Carefully Select your Wedding Location, Our Celebration Finder Gurus have selected  some great Questions to Ask Yourself Prior to making THE decision of Your Life (Dramatic yes, this is how we roll)

  • What Time of The Season Will You set Your Wedding, and Why? 
  • Are You Looking for an Outdoor, Indoor Wedding or a Mix of Both? 
  • Are You Allowing Children, Animals, a + 1? 
  • Are You Planning a Cocktail? If so, Will all the Guests remain for Dinner?
  • How Long will you Wedding Last? (Yes some like to party hard, at least we do!)
  • How Far Your Guests Live? Are they gonna Sleep-over? 
  • What is your Wedding Theme? 
  • Are you going for a Traditional, Contemporary, Modern Wedding? 
  • Are your going for a "Destination Wedding"
  • Who is going to decorate, clean the Venue? 
  • Will you have a Catering Service on Your Wedding or Are Looking for a Full All in One Service? 
  • How much DIY are you allowing on Your Wedding? 
  • What is your Budget? How Much of it are you putting in Decoration/Catering/Wedding Dress/ DJ/ Photography etc... 

Finally, and Most Importantly,

  • What would be your Dream Wedding's Location? 

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